Top 20 Best Tuition Centers in Singapore

The need for education does not need explanation. Knowledge is the basic requirement for any individual with an ambition in life, and education is the key to knowledge. Being a professional consultant in education, we keep education to be one of our primary concerns. We understand the significance of a tuition centers as an economic commodity, be it a pre-school, school, or college.

Keeping that in mind, we are firmly connected with a number of leading Preschools, schools, and Higher Education providing tutors of Singapore. We create a viable platform for the growth and development of any kind of students in our country. Here is the list of top 20 best tuition centers in Singapore: 

1. Bright Tutor

It is one of the top tuition centers in Singapore trusted by parents. They have highly professional tutors and have friendly nature to understand your child’s requirements in studies. You only have to pay for lessons conducted by professionals and there are no hidden agency fees. 

Location: Jurong West Street 93

2. Champion Tutor

In this center, they explain that they teach with “words that awaken and make us grow as people.” Whatever you want to learn from innovation, solidarity, creativity to art and science, they have online professional tutors for every subject. You can choose to take online lessons or meet personally for tuitions. 

Location: Midview City

3. Smile Tutor

They work to be a tuition center where all students learn with joy, fostering in the community, curiosity, effort, collaboration, creativity, and solidarity.” There is more than a thousand students form from Early Childhood Education to Baccalaureate, including the international modality.

4. Ace Tutors

Ace tutor is one of the leading providers of private tuitions to primary and secondary school as well as integrated program students in Singapore. For pre-school, primary, and secondary students they run premier academic programs for math’s, English and Chinese. 

5. Nanyang Academics

It is and Singapore based private tuition center that provides MOE- trained professional teachers for home tuitions. They also provide tutor-matching services for students on free of cost. They claim that they are having very professional teachers with soft teaching skills, ability to understand student’s phycology and committed to their work. 

6. The Learning Lab

The learning lab is leading and national provider of educational, improvement and private lesson services to all over Singapore. Their main subjects are English, math’s and Chinese and every year they develop academics programs of these subjects to school level students. 

7. Mavis Tutorial Centre

Mavis Tutorial Centre has been offering private learning facilities for Primary and Secondary school students as well as Junior College students from the year of 1980s. They have their own in-house prospectus and top-notch teachers, the Centre works on progressive education methods to fix the natural lacks in old-style routine education; this effectively works on students to acquire and recall more and more knowledge. Mavis also consider as a most affordable tuition center in Singapore. 

8. True Learning Centre

Mr Max Tan and Miss Angeline Teo founds this learning center in 2010, it purposes to offer valuable and complete education to Primary and Secondary school student as well as JC students, they mainly concentrate on maths education. They provide Basic Mathematics, Surplus Mathematics, Integrated Programmed (IP) Mathematics, and H2 Mathematics training for primary, high school and College level students. 

9. Han Language Centre

This learning center is dedicated to Chinese language and culture. It has lines in all educational levels from Early Childhood Education to Baccalaureate and its pedagogical and training model tries excellence: “an effort to improve to develop their own potential, which integrates the intellectual, academic and everything else.” Says founder of this center. 

10. Berries World

In the past, they known as children’s language school and now they are known as berries world. This learning center is here from around 25 years. In this center you learn “to think, to see and to live the world and to love it”. More than a hundred teachers work to offer a “leading” and “international projection” multilingual education. With the mission to train people in all areas beyond academic learning, professionals favor the human, emotional, physical and academic skills of the students.

11. Tien Hsia Language School

It is a specialized Chinese language school founded in 1989. They are registered with MOE and are number of choice of parents. As reported by the center, their classrooms have passed different generations of students who today “assume important positions” both in the professional and business once completed their university studies.

12. SmartLab Education Centre

It is a private education center and private school with no religious or political ties, which, founded around 15 years ago, imparts teachings from Early Childhood Education to Baccalaureate, also including the International modality. “Not only do we care about the academic aspect, we also consider the adaptation process of each student to be vital,” say from the school.

13. The Physics Café

It was born in 2009 to focus on physics and math’s. “We are a private center committed to the integral education, both of the heart and of the intelligence, of children and young people, favoring our students the achievement of human, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social excellence”

14. Aspire hub

Established in 2001, it is a private non-conceived lay center that “maintains an attitude of respect, openness, and tolerance towards all cultures, ideologies and religions that protect human dignity”. With a motto, that is a total declaration of intentions -Ad (Towards the virtue of learning) -, this learning has more than 10.000 students from all pre-university educational stages.

15. Justedu

Justedu is a private learning center established in 1999. They are popularly known for fun learning, cherishing student’s passion and their teacher teach from heart. They have around 11 learning centers located in all over Singapore. This center provides education for students from primary to junior college and powered by professional and committed teacher’s staff. 

16. Economics café

A private MOE registered Economic study center offers A level economic tuitions that includes both h2 and h1 economic studies. Its management understands the school as an educational community where all its components aspire to achieve the maximum development of the personality at the intellectual, emotional, and somatic levels and develop the level of personal autonomy of each of its members so that maximum freedom is achieved.

17. Kent ridge tutors

Founded in 1988, kent ridge tutors are become most leading chain in Singapore having around 100,000 students. They offer various academic and enrichment programs to students from pre-school to junior college. 

18. Stalford learning centre

A secular private educational center imparts all levels of education to the University. With almost 1,500 students in its classrooms, this center accumulates great results in the external tests that are carried out in the Community of Singapore as well as in the Selectivity thanks to its own learning model. 


Education has a two-way economic impact. On one hand, you have the immediate development in economy, which is consequential to more people wanting to get educated. On the other hand, education imparts knowledge, which, in turn, assists in the development of scholars and enthusiasts in various fields of expertise, thus rendering to economic growth of a nation. Tuition centers aspire to be a part of these impacts.